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We are a  specialized medical centre dedicated to minimally invasive treatment of chronic pain. Trusted by patients, we are the pioneers in providing non-surgical pain treatment services in Nepal. Treatment for all major chronic pain conditions like back pain, slipped disc, sciatic pain, knee pain, joint pains, arthritis, neuralgic pain, headaches and migraines is provided at our centre.

We have a complete spectrum of latest pain management technology. At each centre, the operation theatre is fully equipped with the most advanced fluoroscopy machines, ozone machines, radio frequency generators and Platelet-Rich Plasma machines.

Utilizing the latest and most advanced pain treatment modalities

Pain management is a complex and ever-changing specialty where new modalities are developed and tested out continuous. We make sure to use the latest and most advanced clinically-proven pain management techniques to treat your pain without surgery. We employ the most advanced modalities available globally like ozone discectomy, radio frequency lesioning, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy, spinal cord stimulator implant, intrathecal pump implant and vertebroplasty.

Our Vision

  • We evaluate the patient suffering from pain. After making a diagnosis, we offer most evidence based treatment option which can be medicines, interventions (minimally invasive or inj techniques) or surgeries.
  • We are a team of doctors & support group different disciplines specialized & dedicated in pain management. Regularly scheduled “Interdisciplinkary Pain Team board” conferences promote the most efficient use of the patient’s treatment sessions and a quicker and more complete recovery.
  • We want to provide services to the sufferers of different kinds of pain with the help of the most modern modalities of pain management.
  • We want to provide services that are affordable to the most.
  • The modalities of treatment are similar and comparable to any pain clinic/pain management centers around the world.
  • We are engaged in research & training of future pain management specialists.


Anjana Shrestha
My mother-in-law was suffering from chronic shoulder pain for more than a year. She got treated here and now she’s much better. This procedure is extremely effective and rewarding. All the credit goes to Dr Shirish Amatya dai, such a humble, caring person and a beautiful soul. Thank you so much dai.
Definitely PAIN ENDS HERE..
Rajani Maskey
I was suffering from leg pain & when I visited there I got the best treatment that I didn’t get anywhere else
Now, my legs are totally fine.
Really!!! One of the best treatment care center.
Anu Amatya

I would recommend people with all kinds of pain to visit the center for a pain free living. may people have good results and so it is a very good initiative in our country. congratulations to the team .

Anan Shakya

Led by highly skilled and qualified professionals. Moving pain free!

Chhitiz Shrestha

My grandma had chronic problem with her knees. Meeting Dr. Sirish was a blessing as he and his team worked their magic with their pain management. Now ma grandma is no longer complaining bout her knee aches. Kudos to Dr. Sirish and his team. Highgly recommend!!! 5stars!!!

Anit Raj Acharya

After visiting almost 4-5 Hospitals finally got the right place. My grand mother got relief almost 50% within 2 weeks of medication as suggested here. Recommend all of you to at least give a last try here if you have become tired of going here and there. Thank you.

Yog Neupane

Extremely effective and rewarding procedures…i myself got treated for my chronic upper back and neck pain which lasted since more than 5years..and now it feels really much much better…thank u Dr roshan piya and Dr shirish amatya…definitely PAIN ENDS HERE..

Sandip Ranjitkar

I got PRP treatment from Dr Roshan and Dr Shrish last month for my shoulder pain.It really helps to get relief from that pain I was suffering from last year due to bike accident.I suggest to those suffering from such same pain to get PRP treatment.

Nepal Pain Care & Research Center
2nd Floor, Kamdhenu Building, Devkota Sadak, New Baneshowor
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A PAIN CLINIC is the place of convergence for all these patients irrespective of the etiology of pain, medical, surgical, orthopedic, traumatic, ontological or whatever. The only criterion is that he/she should complain of having pain.

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Copyright 2020 by iHost Nepal. All rights reserved.

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